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Puerta de enlace Skype
SkyTrunk ST-1001
SkyTrunk ST-1001

 Skype USB adapter

How to buy
Quick Installation Download(296K ) Catalog(473K software(3.2MB
Download High Quality Picture 
Major Function
  Connect Skype through your phone, no need of microphone and speaker
a SLIC (subscriber line interface circuit) interface for analog phone connection
b Support cordless phone sets include DECT, 2.4GHz, 900 MHz or others
c Receive Skype call by ring and pick up handset same as a regular phone line
d Dial Skype call through phone keypad directly or Skype users interface
e Support Skype speed dial and SkypeOut through phone keypad directly
f Connect Skype and SkypeIN call into PBX or enterprise IVR feasibly
g Dial SkypeOut from PBX digital extension set directly
  Auto-configure Skype audio device after SkyTrunk1001 initializes completely
  Create multiple calls and switch call between held calls circularly by phone keypad '#'
  Create a conference call and join new calls into the conference sequentially by phone keypad '*'
  Support international busy tone generation to connect with PBX feasibly
  Support 20, 25, 30 and 50Hz ring signal frequency
  Support 2 REN standard loads
  Support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID

Minimum System Requirements
  PC running windows XP, 2000
  400 MHz processor / 128 MB RAM
  15 MB free disk space on your hardware
  One free USB port
  Internet connection (WiFi, ADSL , etc)
Product Specification
  USB 1.1 standard
  Skype 1.3 or above compatible
  One RJ-11 (FXS) for
Standard analog or cordless phone set
Standard PBX analog PSTN interface
  No external power needed
  Dimensions (LxWXH): 67.4 X 36.2 X 17.8 mm
Connect to an analog telephone
Connect to a PBX

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