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Remote SIM Bank : SBK-32

  • Model:SBK-32

Product Introduction



SBK-32 is a Remote SIM Bank with 32 sims   
Can connect with serial MV-37X (Support GSM(2G) / UMTS(3G) VoIP Gateway both) via internet.
Connect with PORTech GSM Gateway via internet 
SIM cards no longer need to be installed in GSM Gateway anymore; 
You can deploy your VoIP GSM Gateway in different locations.  
Centralize and supervise all SIMs in one place     

SS-128: 128 sims SIM Server (manage 128 sims SIM BANK)
SS-256: 256 sims SIM Server (manage 256 sims SIM BANK)
SS-512: 512 sims SIM Server (manage 512 sims SIM BANK)
SS-1280: 1280 sims SIM Server (manage 1280 sims SIM BANK)
SS-2560: 2560 sims SIM Server (manage 2560 sims SIM BANK)


  • Set Talk Time per SIM
  • Set GSM Group (Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
  • Set Day of week
  • Set Time Range
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With SBK-32,SIM cards no longer need to be installed in MV-37X anymore; you can deploy your GSM gateways in different locations and countries. New concept of using SBK-32 solution, you can centralize and supervise all sims in one place.In that case, SIM management will be easy, quick and safe as well. All SIM cards can be stored and controlled in one secure place. Once in a while, MV-37X must change SIM cards to get the best rate on different GSM operators. With SBK-32, you can place physical sims in office or change SIM corresponding port directly on web any second.MV-37X connects with SBK-32 to read the SIM information and register it on the GSM network.

Key Specifications/Special Features

·         Wan port*1, Lan port*1,All settings set on web
·         Handle 32 SIM cards per SBK-32
·         Central management and secure storage of all SIM cards
·         Control and Supervision of your SIMs from your office
·         Allow you to choose the best GSM operators price plan
·         Immediate control of all your SIM cards from your office
·         Easy and powerful web based management, Easy to configure convenience any time!
·         Switch SIM cards between connected gateways, configuration via remote client
·         Save huge costs on technicians and traveling to the installation sites
  •           Save on travel expense and precious time
  •           Save the cost on site' technicians
  •           Save the down time between maintenance
·         DIM:20cm x 14cm x 6cm 
·        1 year  warranty


Solution suggest
1. If you need the solution for 32 GSM ports,1 SIM per GSM port, you can buy
   MV-3732*1 (option:SBK-128,SS-128)
2. If you need the solution for 32 GSM ports,4 SIMs per GSM port, you can buy
3. If you need the solution for 64 GSM ports,4 SIMs per GSM port, you can buy

Any GSM solution you neeed, please contact us soon 

Work with Dial peer Server (free)
1.Dial Peer Server can manage 128 GSM ports at same time
   User just need to set one SIP trunk
   Send call to dial peer IP:5060 port from Asterisk/IP PBX
   The call automatically switches from a busy line to available line.
2.Provide CDR
3.Monitor the signal of all GSM ports

Dial Peer Software   Dial Peer Guide

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