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PORTech is a VoIP GSM Gateway,SIP Speaker Manufacturer,Supplier, Developer
Established:       June 1979
Headquarter:       Taichung, Taiwan
Product Lines:      

VoIP GSM Gateway,SIM Server,SIM Bank,E1 PRI GSM Channel Bank,GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal,Antenna combiner,SIP Speaker,IP POE Horn Speaker,IP POE Ceiling Speaker,IP POE Wall Wood Speaker,IP POE Wall mount Speaker,IP Audio gateway,IP/PSTN Power Switch,Sounds Cap:Use iPhone/Andriod phone To Record High Quality Audio For Your Videos 

1979       Established in 1979, PORTech Communications Inc. flourished from designing analog telephony devices
1982       First developers of CTI solutions in Taiwan. Developed Automatic Dialing System (ADS), Digital Voice Systems.
1990's       Over the years, PORTech has been engaged in primarily research and awarded many government contracts.
2002       Step into the international arena and launch our CTI solutions to the OEM/ODM markets worldwide.
2003-5       Design E1/T1 PRI GSM Channel Bank and 1 port FCT
2006       Design1,2 ports VoIP GSM Gateway and Skype Gateway
2007       Design4,8 ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal and Smart Power Monitor
2008       Design 4,8 ports VoIP GSM Gateway
2009       Design DMT-V(VoIP GSM Channel Bank,VoIP instead E1/T1)
2009       SBK-32: SIM Bank
2010       FTA-102: Free Roaming Gateway
2012       SMS Server,SMS Gateway ,SBK-128:SIM BANK
2013       MV-3716/MV-3732:16 ports/32 ports VoIP GSM Gateway
2015       IP Speaker
Management Concept
Delivering Innovative Solutions, Quality Products, and Through Services in a solid growth environment. We build trust one customer at a time.
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PORTech Communications Inc.
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